The Harvest

John David Krygelski's suspenseful debut novel, The Harvest, is a stunning tour de force, tackling the epic battle between good and evil and answering the subtle and persistent questions which haunt us all.

It's a compelling and startling story centered around the mysterious arrival of the man who claims to be The Creator. Clearly not a mortal, Elohim, as the stranger prefers to be known, astounds those he meets with unexplainable miracles and reality-altering answers. All of this is but a prelude to his announcement: He has come to do something which will affect every person on five days. Against the backdrop of the world reacting to the idea that God has arrived, a hastily assembled group of interviewers question and test Elohim while hidden forces emerge to thwart his plans. This gripping page turner will change your view of the world!

From the readers of The Harvest

"Great book! Your use of the principal characters to tell the story and weave the plot was masterful. I know in the years to come that I'll read parts if not the entire book again, probably many times."

"A fantastic job with the characters, an amazing job with the story. Your perspective on different subjects within the story kept me riveted."

"I must say that this book was one of the most extraordinary books I have ever read. It touched me and made me examine my entire life. It is hard to believe that this is anyone's first book. Thank you for writing it."

"The harvest is not really like any book I've read before. It's difficult for me to categorize. Okay, it's fiction for starters. It has a religious theme, but not in the sense of any other book I've read. It's not religious in a preachy way as much as analytical and just leaves you to figure out what you think on your own."

"It is incredibly thought-provoking, enlightening, fascinating and timely. I truly believe it is one of the best fiction books I have ever read. I have already told my friends they must order and read it."

"I must admit, it took me a few weeks to actually start reading, because I was worried that the story might be depressing, but was I ever wrong! I just finished it yesterday and had to write tell you how uplifting and heartening the story was for me. I really enjoyed it! Towards the end, I couldn't put it down, so anxious was trying to learn the outcome of everyone's story."